Healing testimony from WD                                                                                               Jan 11, 2017

In October 2016, I started to suffer from insomnia.  I had no problem falling asleep, but always woke up in the middle of the night (sometimes several times) and it would often take a long time before I could fall asleep again.  This went on for a while and I was so tired every day because of lack of sleep.  I asked my family doctor to give me some sleeping pills in order to break the cycle.  She reluctantly gave me seven pills and warned me not to depend on it.  The night I was going to take the sleeping pill, I was so happy as I thought, “finally I can have a good night’s sleep”.  But alas, even the very first pill did not help.  I woke up as usual. 


In my “desperation”, I turned to Chinese medicine.  But the two Chinese doctors whom I saw gave totally opposite diagnosis for my condition.  I tried the Chinese medicine for a week. Still not help. I was afraid of the potential side effect of taking the Chinese medicine for any prolonged period of time.  The sleep problem had dragged on for almost a month already. What should I do? Every night I was afraid of waking up in the middle of the night, and whenever I did wake up I was afraid of not being able to sleep, worrying about all the tasks that I would need to accomplish the next day and dreading the exhaustion that could come in the coming. 

I have been a Christian for 14 years and I consider myself a relatively mature Christian.  I prayed and prayed, but the prayers did not seem to help.

Then I called a sister.  I am very grateful for she shared with me a testimony of a sister, healed of her insomnia, after applied what she learned in the Andrew Wommack teaching at GTS HK. We prayed together. It was very powerful.  That night, I decided that:

1) I am determined to not look at the symptoms, but just focus on God;

 2) I decided to really believe that Jesus has already provided the healing for me;

3) I decided not to be afraid but truly rejoice in what God has already done for me, by faith.

 That was the turning point.  Before I went to bed, I told my husband, “I might wake up again several times during the night, and I will go out to pray in the living room, but please don’t worry about me at all.”  Then I woke up again at 1am, but I had already decided on what my response should be. I would not allow any fear to come into my heart.  I went out to the living room, and started to praise God for His goodness and for what He has already done for me.  I used my authority as a believer to rebuke any fear, any worry, any symptoms and root cause of my sleep problem, and then I prayed in the spirit for a short while before going back to bed. When I woke up again, I would do the same, all the while just feeling at peace and joyful in the Lord.  This pattern continued for three days.  Although the symptoms were still there, but my heart and mind had already been changed.  I was not in fear any more.  Then the breakthrough came after three days – I could sleep through the night! Praise the Lord!

This experience taught me so much about how to act on my faith.  And the same principle is not only applicable to physical health issues, but it is relevant and powerful to be applied to almost every aspect of our life, our walk with God.  Thank you Lord!